This EXE file will run under MS DOS and probably any version of MS Windows.
It is one of those wonderful "do-nothing" screen displays --something like a screen saver,
but you must choose to run it, yourself.
It is **very** loosely based on the idea of Conway's Game of Life;
except there are as many as 255 different colors of life, instead of just 1.
Dead is still dead.
The conditions of life and death are different, and the program is still evolving.

It is the first motion graphics display I have written in C.
I have a plethora of QBasic motion graphics display programs,
but they all require fumbling with the source code to get them to do different things.
Soon, I hope to upgrade the algorithms to the C platform, and also benefit from
the much better, higher resolution graphics modes, now available to me.

If you like the program you get today, check back later for possibly a newer version.
Since this is the first version to appear on the www, I'll call it v 1.0.

Hey, what the heck did you spend $3500 on that fancy computer for anyway ?
To look at pretty pictures, right !

Download JimsLife.Zip and check it out.

Also, for fans of array sorting methods,
here is a visual demonstration of the Bubble Sort.
There should be no doubt why it's called what it's called !

Thanks for your interest. Have fun.


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