James A. Lehman
58 Marshall Ave.
Akron, Ohio 44303-1410

(330) 253-3749

Extra Stimulus Inc.   :   www.akrobiz.com   :   IT Professional
August 1996 to present
ISP, network / PC service, repair, consulting, tech support, training, software development, art, design.

ES Inc. is owned and operated by James Lehman and Terry Zimmerman providing Internet, computer, technical and design services. ES maintains servers connected directly to Internet backbone since 1996, which have always been Red Hat or Fedora Linux with Apache Web server, sendmail or Qmail email and ftp. We provide total IT for many companies with custom CGI applications in C++, JavaScript, DHTML and DOM, IP connectivity, LAN, VPN, PC & network maintenance, data integrity, telephone and in-person tech support and training.

Professional Artist / Designer published for polymer clay with work shown in major metropolitan art museums. Self published musician; James Lehman 11:16:64 1990 Extra Stimulus Records. Loudspeaker systems designer / builder; developed SuperZ for optimizing speaker enclosures and crossovers. Laser Artist; created First Night Akron 2004 laser show. Developed LaserBoy, Linux application to create and project high resolution, full color, motion laser vector art.

ES Inc. contract with Storage Continuity LLC. : Provided All Software Engineering Services
Cleveland State University Advanced Manufacturing Extension (CAMP Building)
April 2004 to January 2005

Created Storage Continuity Linux disk based WAN data redundancy backup and distribution for removable storage media, which reads, writes varieties of SCSI tape, magneto-optical disk, CD & DVD. 64 bit HD file IO in excess of 2GB. Multi-process solution. Custom TCP/IP sockets client, server application set. Data compression and encryption. Interactive Web interface with user identity, individual use policies and activity logging. Secure interprocess communications.

Accelent Systems Inc.   :   Software Engineer
February 2000 to September 2001
C/C++, STL, HTML, JavaScript, DOM, CGI, regex, Win32 Me/2000/CE, Linux.

Accelent Webmaster, network technical assistant. Created marketing art and presentations. Developed, published EZFB for Linux frame buffer video subsystem. Created touch screen calibration utility for Accelent ARM Linux. Worked in team of 3 on Web based ARM kernel / system image configuration tool.

Virtual Hold Technology LLC.   :   R&D Software Engineer / Network Administrator
July 1998 to February 2000
C/C++, STL, REXX, HTML, CGI, regex, ISP, Webmaster, LAN, Win32 95/98/NT, OS/2, Linux.

VHT Webmaster, postmaster, software version control, data backup and LAN Administrator. Authored ATUI, color ANSI Terminal User Interface for VHT system in OS/2 C++. Authored WebGUI CGI user interface for VHT application using Apache OS/2. ES Inc. provided VHT Internet connectivity and service contract.

Akro-Tech International Inc.   :   VP of Design, Manufacturing and Technical Services
August 1994 to May 1996
Design Engineer, Artist, Mechanic, Laborer.

Created logos, presentation art, information, advertising. Designed and made cloth filter bags using variety of industrial sewing equipment. Performed maintenance on operating dust collection systems.

1996 - 1998
The University of Akron
Computer Science

Highland High School (Medina, Ohio)
Graduated 1983
References provided upon request.