The Rave Reviews

James has really done an excellent job with these speakers. The three way crossovers give excellent separation and overall musical clarity. I often find myself turning my head to see where a certain instrument has jumped out of the speaker and landed into my living room. The speakers command the whole frequency range, plenty of punch in the low-end from the four series/parallel woofers, the mid and highs are right there on the charge as well.

Just after James finished the speakers, we played them at full tilt in his basement and they sounded perfect even up to the point where the woofers' cones were a blur of fast, long excursion. I couldn't possible turn them up that loud in my apartment, but they sound just as clean and full at low volumes as well. The stunning juxtaposition of shining metals and rich mahogany make this device an elegantly plush portal into a whole new dimension of auditory experience. Energetic, crisp and beautiful to the gaze, I am proud to have commissioned the prototype of this wonderful vessel.
      Greg Nightingale
      owner of first pair of Metals built

When I hooked them up for the first time and gave them a really good listen, I was amazed. I kept looking at those tiny woofers and hearing this huge, room filling sound. I had a good feeling that they would be very clean and clear, because of the all metal radiating surfaces and small cone areas but I thought the low end would be a bit thin. I've never made a ported speaker tuned as high as 46Hz. Boy, was I surprised! They have all the bass I'd ever need for just about any music program; even purely electronic 'techno' music with a great deal of energy below 30Hz. There is an immediately noticeable, total lack of mid-bass booming and blurring typically heard in larger woofer systems.

One way I can always tell if a speaker is really performing well is if the experience causes the hair on the back of my neck to raise. OK, so that sounds goofy, but it's true! I also find myself smiling a lot!

Not only does Metal sound superb, but one can't help but notice them in a room. They are stunning to look at. When describing them to my friend Dean, I joked that they put out 108dB even when they aren't plugged in.... You can't hear it, but they're screaming!
      James Lehman
      designer and builder of Metal

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