Specifications OF Metal

   (column, or center)
      (4) 5 inch aluminum cone woofers
      (1) 5 inch aluminum cone midrange
      (1) 1 inch aluminum dome tweeter
      with a 12 dB / oct. Linkwitz-Riley,
      passive, cascaded, crossover
      at 640Hz and 3,626Hz,
      92dB at 1 watt at 1 meter
      handles 200 watts or more
      8 ohms nominal impedance
      30Hz to 22KHz,

   (front or rear column)
      51 inches tall
      8.5 inches wide
      13.5 inches deep.
      on a 14 inch square pedestal
      with solid steal glides
      weighs about 82 pounds.

      13.5 inches tall
      32.5 inches wide
      13.5 inches deep
      finished on all six sides
      weighs about 55 pounds.

      (1) 12 inch aluminum cone woofer
      with a 24 dB / oct. Linkwitz-Riley,
      active crossover at 113Hz
      88dB at 1 watt at 1 meter
      handles 120 watts or more
      4 ohms nominal impedance
      -3dB at 14Hz.
      31 inches tall
      28 inches wide
      28.5 inches deep
      3/8 inch thick glass top
      solid steal glides
      weighs an unknown
      and ungodly amount.

      All are made of MDF covered
      with mahogany veneer plywood
      minimum wall thickness of 1 inch
      heavily internally reinforced
      satin polyurethane exterior
      solid red oak corners
      finished in deep reddish-brown

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