There are only 1000 copies of this disk in all of what we call reality!

And, most of them are out there!

Obviously, it is a first edition. Later printings of this disk will be marked as such.

To receive a signed copy in the USA or Canada, simply send $16 (US currency) to:

James Lehman
58 Marshall Ave.
Akron, Ohio 44303

(330) 762-7137

For the fastest possible delivery, use a US Postal Money Order payable to:

James Lehman

and send me an Email message telling me of your coming order.
I will return thanks to you via Email, and your disk will be promptly shipped First Class.     James Lehman

For overseas orders, please indicate your interest via Email.
Send no money, until I find out what the shipping cost will be.

Thank You For Your Interest !

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