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James Lehman 11:16:64

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The material on the CD was written, performed, and produced between 1984 and 1990.
Released to publication on Nov. 5, 1990.

It contains 22 songs --a total playing time of 70 min. 42 sec.

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Reviews of this disc may be found in the following fine publications:

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Fact Sheet Five     Rockpool     Collegiate Insider

Scene Entertainment Weekly     The New Music News     Flipside

The Alternative Index     The Buchtelite     Petrol

Mutant Renegade Zine     Revue Magazine     Taste The Floor     Rox

[James Lehman: My Own Personal Perspective]

James Lehman 11:16:64 has been featured on many gracious College Radio stations across the USA and Canada
Charting in the top 40 on several of them, holding the #2 spot on KCSB Santa Barbara, CA, USA for 2 weeks

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