1.  Rock Fixation 12.  Ticket To The Past
2.  Look Around 13.  Sun Storm
3.  Once Around The Park 14.  A Ton Of Bricks
4.  Sad Happiness 15.  Cheater Fingers
5.  Too Much Noise 16.  Can't Stop
6.  All I Want To Do Is Sleep 17.  Chubby Boys
7.  Hey Mom And Dad 18.  Stuck In A Jam
8.  Good Thing We All Agree           19.  Figure It Out
9.  Ever In The Daylight 20.  Painted Blue
10.  Special Friend 21.  Rock Fixation Too
11.  Procrastination 22.  Here Is Now

      All selections written, performed, and produced by

                         James Lehman

All of the sounds that make up this recording are:
Electric six and twelve string guitar, acoustic six and twelve string
guitar, electric bass guitar, drums and percussion, harmonica, tenor
saxophone, lead and harmony vocals, microphone and guitar feedback,
environmental sounds, water glass, lawn mower, church bells,
(CBM 64 personal computer, Casio VL-1 mini keyboard, sine sweep generator.)
Only the selection Sun Storm contains synthetic sounds.

The entire program on this compact disc was digitally mastered from eight track
analog tape, and in some cases, metal cassette and quarter inch open reel.

Thanks to everyone who helped me on my way.
Especially my parents.

Photo by John H. Lehman
Artwork by James Lehman
© copyright 1990 James Lehman Extra Stimulus Productions.
All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of
applicable laws. Printed in U.S.A.

Any questions, comments, or inquiries send to:

James Lehman
POB 1054
Akron, OH 44309


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